Inspire Health : Fighting Prostate Cancer

Working in the heart of local communities to fight cancer

Burton Albion FC

Fighting Prostate Cancer campaign began in 2016 at Burton Albion and since then we continue to screen annually at the Pirelli Stadium.

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Bringing medical care into the community

Screening at the Jalaram Temple
Health Clinics at places of worship are a unique way to connect with local communities.

Prostate Cancer Support

Bringing medical care into the community

Fighting Prostate Cancer

Working in the heart of local communities to fight cancer

and WProstate cancer has become the number one cancer in men with 1 in 8 men being diagnosed with the disease. It has overtaken breast cancer as the third most deadly form of the disease after lung and bowel cancer.  Prostate Cancer UK reports that a total of 11,631 men died from prostate cancer across the UK in 2016.

Apart from the health risks, it further causes emotional turmoil to the sufferer and their friends and families. With the support of Queen’s Hospital, Burton and Burton Albion Football Club, we have created an innovative health campaign designed to bring awareness about prostate cancer and alleviate the ‘fear factor.’ The ‘Inspire Health: Fighting Prostate Cancer’ campaign, which has been running since early 2016, enables men to seek advice and get screenings in familiar surroundings rather than the clinical backdrop of hospitals.

The initial screenings began at Burton Albion Pirelli Stadium. It is a perfect way of reaching a large number of the target group of men over 50+ who may not necessarily want to visit a GP’s surgery or hospital, but rather be more receptive to a health initiative through their football club where they feel more receptive to the importance of getting a health check.

Fighting Prostate Cancer is a Charitable led Project with our work done on a voluntary basis in addition to our daily clinical duties at Burton Hospital. 

Our clinic venues include football clubs (Burton Albion FC, Chesterfield FC), community centres (Afro Caribbean Centre), Places of Worship, Rotary Clubs, Freemason Lodges, Businesses (Rolls Royce) and the Police. Our screenings are once a month with various partner organisations. 

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Number of Clinics held

Number of Men Screened

Number diagnosed with cancer

Number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer (2015)

Deaths from prostate cancer (2016)


Surviving prostate cancer for 10 years or more (2015)


Prostate cancer death rates / all male cancer deaths (2015)


Increase in prostate cancer incidence rates since early 1990s

Sources: Cancer Research UK & Prostate Cancer UK

Our News

Glimpses of 2019

Glimpses of 2019

Fighting Prostate Cancer has had a busy 2019. We marked another milestone by reaching our 2000th screening. So far 33 clinics have been held. We have worked with several communities including the Freemasons, Rotary, Police, Sports

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Personal Testimony

Personal Testimony

“Friday August 2nd 2019 was like any other working day, but by the end of it my life had changed forever. In January this year my elder brother had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and let me know that I was possibly at risk

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The Team

Jyoti Shah

Macmillan Consultant Urological Surgeon.

Sarah Minns

Macmillan Urology Advanced Nurse Practitioner. 

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Burton Prostate Cancer Support Group

We are here to support prostate cancer sufferers and their families.


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