The Fighting Prostate Cancer campaign has been running since March 2016. We started screening men at Burton Albion’s Pirelli Stadium. This has been followed by visiting a diverse range of venues within local communities which men feel comfortable in and can easily access.  From the feedback we have received, most men prefer to access screening facilities locally in familiar surroundings.

We will continue to monitor the project and continue to evolve as more data is collected and feedback from users.


We know that men are less likely to engage with health services than women. As a result, we have established a pop-up clinic in the community at a venue where men feel comfortable. We encourage men to make an appointment with 10-minute appointment slots. This allows us to have pre-printed demographic data available and minimises errors with handwriting forms and blood samples. A full clinical history is taken whilst the PSA blood test is done. Thereafter the prostate is examined.

If there are any abnormalities in the prostate and/or the PSA result is high, further investigation by way of an MRI is offered at the hospital. If the MRI shows abnormalities, a biopsy will be required. 

Every individual and their GP will get a personalised result outline within a week. 

Most men diagnosed with an abnormality are seen, investigated and given the diagnosis within two weeks.

What can I expect if I come to a screening event?

Frequently Asked Questions
What should I bring with me?
It is useful to bring a list of all your medications, a repeat prescription or your tablets with you.


How soon after I attend will I get my results?
Most men are notified of their results within a week
What if my PSA blood test is high?

You will be invited to attend the hospital for an MRI and if further investigation is required, possibly a prostate biopsy, which is done under local anaesthetic.


Will my GP know my results?
All letters are copied to GPs so they are notified of results and recommendations


How much will the screening cost?
Nothing. Men are not charged to attend the screening event. Costs are covered by donations and fund raising
Inspire Health: Fighting Prostate Cancer 
Screening Data

Number of Clinics Held

Number of Men Screened

Number diagnosed with cancer

Tony Webster: My brother in law had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years earlier, so when I read the article I thought it was a good idea to be examined….

Mrs Webster: I do think that men so more than women can perhaps feel a bit embarrassed about this kind of thing – but you have to get past that any way you can as this can really save your life.

Mr & Mrs Webster

Speaking to Burton Mail 25 March 2017