The Inspire Health: Fighting Prostate Cancer campaign is privileged to work with the Freemasons community. Presenting our campaign in front of a candid audience at the Provisional Grande Lodge of Derbyshire Freemasons was a fantastic experience. We would like to thank all the members for their kind support and professionalism shown towards our work.


We presented our campaign in front of around 150 freemasons at the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire. The surprise of the night was when we were presented with a donation of £4,000. This is on top of £4,000 the Freemason community had previously donated to our campaign. And if that was not enough, a dinner following our presentation included a raffle which further raised £800. Therefore in total, the Freemasons have donated £8800 and have been providing facilities for the screening. We are so grateful and look forward to our continued collaboration for the greater good.

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