It was a great privilege to talk about prostate cancer at the Jalaram Temple in Greenford, London. This assignment had a special significance for me because it is the temple where I got married a decade ago.

Jalaram Bapa

Even more importantly, Jalaram Bapa was a divine saint who spent his entire life for the service of the underprivileged. He helped to feed thousands of people in need no matter what their background. Jalaram Bapaji was born in Virpur in 1799 and to this day the place where was born provides food for the needy daily. It is seva (service) on a mass scale on a consistent basis.

Dr Mansukh Morjaria

We would very much like to thank Dr Mansukh Morjaria from the temple who invited us. It was amazing to see that more than 500 people attended the event and around 50 people stayed over after 9 pm for the longer workshop. We are pleased that the message for prostate cancer is getting out into the community.