In the last few months, I have been invited to talk to a number of grassroots communities about prostate cancer. This time it was the Jain community based in London. Only a few years ago, it was difficult for people to get interested in the subject, even if their life depended on it. 
But more recently, more people coming to me directly asking for further information and whether I would be interested in doing a talk in their local community halls. I hope there is a mindset shift for the better and people are taking the serious issue of prostate cancer being the number one killer cancer in men as a disease they will have to deal with. 
A special thanks to Prafula Shah and her colleagues for arranging the presentation. And all this would not mean anything if people did not turn up at night on a cold and wet evening. But people did attend and I hope they found the talk useful and they will be proactive in dealing with the issues raised.