Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre is in the heart of inner city Leicester. It’s a community facility very popular with the locals, with a host of grassroots communities living side by side. 
Kirit Mistry of the South Asians Health Action (SAHA) invited me. SAHA is a national charity that supports the physical and mental health needs of the local South Asian community.

As part of its Core20Plus5 project, around 150 people attended, where people listened to cancer specialists as well as people who had suffered from the disease. There was also entertainment and food, which made the whole day insightful. 
Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board (ICB) are working with three local community organisations to reduce healthcare inequalities across three priority clinical areas that affect 20% of the most deprived communities disproportionately as part of the NHS’s national Core 20 Plus 5 program.